Rabbit and the Motorbike Pre-Order Campaign

We're thrilled to partner with author Kate Hoefler and illustrator Sarah Jacoby to celebrate their gorgeous picture book RABBIT AND THE MOTORBIKE! Each person who orders a copy of this picture book from Blue Willow Bookshop will receive an exclusive print signed by both Kate and Sarah. 

To support this effort, we have created a special $5.00 shipping option. To order the book, simply click "Add to cart" below, and complete your order.

SKU: 9781452170909PRE

Rabbit lives on a farm that he never leaves, even though there's a road. Dog visits and tells stories of adventures on his motorbike. But Dog is old and sick and can't travel anymore. And one day, Dog is gone. Dog leaves Rabbit his motorbike and Rabbit spends days looking at the bike, trying to summon the courage to ride the bike down the road. One day, he finds that courage, which changes his life. A lovely story about loss and courage, full of illustrative details that make the text sing. - Cathy