Letter from the Messy Desk


"We shape our truths by what stories we choose to tell." I had to grab a pen and jot this down when Jeannette Walls, the wonderful memoirist and novelist visited us Friday evening. It was a glorious time with everyone riveted to their chairs. We have been so blessed with the authors who have visited us. They have brought us hope, joy, laughter, and knowledge. All on the corner of Memorial Drive and Dairy Ashford.
Nancy and I had a great time in DC. We visited with Senator Cornyn's aide Robin Millican and voiced our small business concerns. She was very cordial and responsive as we would want from our elected officials. Then we walked down the mall to the American History Museum to see Julia Child's kitchen (which was wonderful) but we really had the best time in the pop up book exhibit, especially since we know several of the artists, including Houston's own paper engineer Bruce Foster. Lots of great conversation with our fellow booksellers. We also had the pleasure of meeting incredible authors-many of whom we have read and some that we are going to read. Ah, yes, we picked up lots of books and had to resort to shipping a box home.
It's the month of love. Stop in and browse our tables and shelves. Find something perfect for your Valentine!
Tell me what you're reading (and yes I really mean it!),