John Green

This is a very special event, so please read the following information carefully BEFORE you call the shop.

But first, a bit of housekeeping:

We will not be able to take website orders after midnight Thursday.

We will not be able to accept cancellations after midnight Thursday.

We will not be able to take returns of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS after 7:00 pm on Friday.


Attention nerdfighters:  John Green AND his brother, Hank, are coming to Houston.

Sean says: There are a hundred inside jokes I could say about John and Hank, but unfortunately I don’t have the time. Come to the event and learn all about these two awesome guys; I’ve never met anyone that didn’t love them as soon as they were introduced to their youtube videos. DFTBA, nerdfighters.

This is a ticketed event.  To obtain a ticket, you must purchase THE FAULT IN OUR STARS from Blue Willow Bookshop.  The ticket price is $19.47 for each book/ticket. Every person attending must have a ticket to enter the auditorium.  You will be issued a signing line ticket at the time of purchase and signing line tickets are issued in order of purchase.  You may purchase a book in person at the shop, over the phone, or through the website. If ordering online through our website, please provide credit card information so we can charge you, and indicate that you will “pick up at store.” 

Please note that we will update purchasing guidelines for the day of event on January 15. Pre-purchased books and signing line tickets may be picked up at the WILL CALL table at the event.

Some of you may have already preordered the book from another retailer. This purchase does not count toward your ticket price. You can bring this book as one of your “home” copies (see below). Also consider donating extra copies that come with your tickets to the school library of your choice. We regret that we cannot accept returns of Fault in our Stars.

The event will be held at Pasadena High School, 206 South Shaver, Pasadena, Texas 77506. Doors will open at 6:00 pm.  After you get onto 225, take the exit for South Shaver and move to the right lane as soon as you can.  You will turn right onto Memorial Park Drive and park in the lot behind the school.  Please look at the map below for more information.

When you arrive at the event and you have already purchased your book through us, please go to will call to receive your signing line ticket and your book.  Additional books and merchandise will be available at the sales tables.

John and Hank will sign and gladly personalize your book.  Due to the anticipated size of the crowd, there are the following guidelines.

You may get 3 items per Green (3 for Hank, 3 for John) signed.  If you have John and Hank both sign one item, that counts as one from each of them.

Books and CDs will be signed and personalized, merchandise will be signed.  Pieces of paper WILL NOT be signed.

There will be no posed photos.

If you cannot attend the event, please give us a call or visit our website to pre-order personalized copies of the book.  We are happy to ship books to you at standard USPS rates.

For more questions email:

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Event date: 
Friday, January 20, 2012 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
Pasadena High School
206 South Shaver
77506 Pasadena