Stinky and Successful (Kobo eBook)

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Tomorrow is April Fool's day, the best holiday of all, and the Riot Brothers have only one goal: FOOL MOM

This April Fool's day they're determined to finally do it—but Mom isn't an easy mark. If fake rats don't do the trick, what will? And what happens when Mom fools them first?

Always inventive and energetic, the Riot Brothers are back and pun-nier than ever. Can they save a damsel in distress by employing Operation Armpit? And how do you become a mad scientist, anyway?

One thing is certain: the Riot Brothers are always up to something, and it's always something great. This edition features a list of the Riot Brothers' new games, rules, songs, and sayings . . . And hark! A goodly guide to talking like a Riot Knight, plus a sneak peek of Riot Brothers #4, Take the Mummy and Run.

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ISBN-13: 9780823439485
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: October 16th, 2017