Dark Places Promotion




We have all have moments when we are cannot quite believe what our mind is telling us that we are
seeing. Most of us just have these experiences and move on, but for some this just keeps going on and
on. And when everything else falls away, all they are left with are the Dark Places of their minds.

In these tales thrilling tales of psychological suspense from some of our leading young adult authors, we
will meet an assortment of young men and women who must answer the question of what is real and
what is only in their minds. They have entered the Dark Places and they will never be the same.


What happens when you survive the unsurvivable? Will you still be the same when you open your eyes?
And what happens when you believe that you are to blame? Find out in this excerpt from FRACTURE and
the accompanying story, DECKER’S TALE.


What if the voices that you believe are only in your head are something much, much worse? What if
they are real and they need something from you? Find out in this excerpt from THE UNQUIET and the
alternate first chapter, TASHA.


What if your only friend in the world is gone and you are the only one who can find her? What if it is the
voices in your own mind preventing you from trying? Find out in this excerpt from FREAKS LIKE US. And
find out what is really like to find yourself in a place where the Dark Places are all around in the short
story, ASYLUM.


What happens when the present falls away and memories of your past lives and loves return? What if
those past lives are threatening your present? Find out in this excerpt from TRANSCENDENCE and the
alternate first ETERNAL REDEMPTION.


Journey further into the DARK PLACES with these four thrilling novels, available now at booksellers
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