Consignment Program Overview

Blue Willow Bookshop’s consignment program seeks to highlight local Houston area authors. We celebrate the creative process and we enjoy the role we play in sharing your work with our book loving community. 

In the past several years, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in books created by the self-published/indie published sector.  We relish the idea of  more voices being heard and read in our world.  However, with this influx, we are encountering varying levels of quality in both written language and illustrations.  

Blue Willow Bookshop reserves the right to accept or deny the inclusion of books into our shop based on a very unscientific but straight forward sense we have for “what will sell,”  rooted  in our understanding of our unique customer base.  Incidentally, this is the identical policy we use for choosing titles from our major publishing houses as well. 

Blue Willow Bookshop prides itself on serving our reader community with a discerning eye and a deep knowledge born over 25 years of bookselling.  As a result, we feel it incumbent to share a few of our stipulations as points for your consideration:  

  • We have a policy of not carrying books published by Createspace/KDP etc., because, as a matter of principle, we disagree with the business model Amazon proffers. They do not pay local  taxes, they do not support local economies like a brick and mortar business such as ours.
  • Books must  have a spine displaying the title and author's name (no spiral-bound books).
  • Books must have an ISBN affiliation
  • No porn-related materials.

We wish you every success in your endeavors, and hope to see you and your book in our store in the very near future.