Notebook Mysteries Suspicions (Hardcover)

Notebook Mysteries Suspicions By Kimberly Mullins Cover Image
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Suspicions book five of the Notebook Mysteries Series. Emma and her intrepid mystery-solving team are back

January 1889: the Pinkertons and Emma find themselves tangled in a heart-rending case. Emma and Jeremy struggle to help each other through a challenging and emotionally draining mystery that tests their investigating powers as well as their partnership. When that one seems stable, Emma-our courageous sleuth- finds herself compelled to assist three families that have reached out to her. One man they all know well is at the center. Both of these mysteries link back to Emma's past.

Finally, back home, her refuge in a predictable home life is upturned by a past-haunted stranger insinuating his way into their small, tight family. Is he what he seems? To regain her peaceful haven, she must deal with him. Is there a shadow of a doubt that he is innocent? A favor owed could be the answer. Action, adventure, and crimes to solve Join Emma in the exciting fifth Notebook Mystery Series.

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ISBN: 9798987114810
Publisher: Jkj Books, LLC
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 292
Language: English