One Orange for Infinite Roses (Paperback)

One Orange for Infinite Roses By Eneya Jenkins Cover Image
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War is an unforgiving thing. It destroys cities, families; it destroys love. In 1992, in former Yugoslavia, the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina faced war. No more high school sweethearts, no more worrying about what you'll wear on your first date, nothing. In the city of Sarajevo lived Elena-the girl who always kept to herself and stayed on her own path, that is, until she started high school. Somehow always thinking she knew what she wanted her life to be like, but never calming the ocean of her thoughts to come up with one answer.Isaac, on the other hand, was the boy who lived through chaos effortlessly. The boy who found peace in the chaos, who made life look effortless with his good looks, swaying charm, and perfect grades. Everything was as easy as breathing for him, until it wasn't.From the seed of a high school romance grows something much bigger as Isaac and Elena learn to battle their new realities. Will they come out unharmed? Or will the war take its toll on souls far too young to experience such a thing?

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ISBN: 9798885051576
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: June 27th, 2022
Pages: 206
Language: English