Micah Gives Mercy: The Journey to Forgiveness (Paperback)

Micah Gives Mercy: The Journey to Forgiveness By Cassandra Neal Cover Image
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Micah learns from his teacher at school how to exhibit self control when he really feels like blowing up. He is reminded to forgive his classmates as they are not perfect and make their own mistakes just like him. Micah learns that if he offers forgiveness then others will ask for forgiveness too. Each book includes an important principle from the bible using a common children's name. If you'd like a book written in your child's name please email us at CCIAGENCY2020@gmail.com. Please include your child's first name and a moral principle you'd like to teach them.These books encourage your child to pursue a life like Jesus. It teaches moral principles and conflict resolution. It also inspires them to learn more about animals and various vocations. Our books will also teach your child how to voice their feelings and encourage them to love and respect not only you but everyone they come in contact with.

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ISBN: 9798546674601
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 13th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English