A Mother's Love: The Story of the Midnight Angel (Hardcover)

A Mother's Love: The Story of the Midnight Angel Cover Image
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It's impossible for children to understand how much their mothers love them...

But this delightful rhyming book can at least help a child begin to appreciate how much their mother does for them, and how they can show their appreciation.

Written by acclaimed author Marilee Joy Mayfield, A Mother's Love helps reassure children that the creaks and whispers they hear in the night aren't monsters-they're the sounds of mother making everything in the home happy, safe, and warm.

As an added bonus, after the sweet story of the ways a mother expresses her love, there are bonus worksheets that allow children to express their unique love for their own mother, and to brainstorm ways to help her out.

The perfect bedtime read for sweet dreams, this charming book will surely become a family favorite.

Here, at Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream, we believe that children's books are more than just stories - they're vessels of inspiration, education, and imagination. Every book we publish is carefully selected to teach kids valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

From the publisher who brought to you "Fiona Flamingo", "Right Now, I Am Fine", "Zen Pig", "The Snowman's Song", "Bug Soup", and "The Super Tiny Ghost", "A Mother's Love" is a welcome addition to our incredible collection of best-selling children's books

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ISBN: 9781949474749
ISBN-10: 1949474747
Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Publication Date: March 15th, 2020
Pages: 48
Language: English