Fostergirls (Paperback)

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Her name is Sadie, but she might as well be called Fostergirl. Grouphomegirl. That's how everyone thinks of her. Sadie doesn't care. In fact, she'd be happier if they didn't think of her at all. Her goal is to go unnoticed, to disappear. Nothing good comes from being noticed, especially if you're a fostergirl. Another new high school, another new group home - number 13, but who's counting. But this time there's a girl at her school named Rhiannon, who won't let her be invisible - who insists on being her friend - and who might be able to restore Sadie's belief in others, and maybe even herself.

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ISBN: 9781897187906
ISBN-10: 1897187904
Publisher: Second Story Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 256
Language: English