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Alexander Duplessis, formerly a Hollywood screenwriter, has spent the last few years living on the coast of Maine where he is a delivery man and butcher’s assistant. Life in the U.S. (and, presumably in the rest of the world) has changed since The Arrest, during which – for unexplained reasons – all modern technology has ceased to function: no carbon fueled electricity, no cars, no computers, no cell phones, no coffee, and no news from the rest of the world. Sandy’s sister, Maddie, runs one of the farms that produce food for the small coastal community as well as for The Cordon, a group of aggressive individuals that offers protection for the townspeople. Into this surreal, involuntary back-to-nature world comes a nuclear-powered “carship,” driven by Peter Todbaum, an eccentric and obnoxious former Hollywood colleague of Sandy’s. He has traveled all the way from California to find Sandy and Maddie, with whom he had some kind of fling several years earlier. The townspeople seem to content to put up with Todbaum – in exchange for espresso --, but The Cordon wants the carship for their own purposes. Sandy is kind of an intelligent doofus, who never seems to understand what’s going on, but Maddie steps up with a Plan on how to deal with the awkward situation.

— Alice


From the award-winning author of The Feral Detective and Motherless Brooklyn comes an utterly original post-collapse yarn about two siblings, the man that came between them, and a nuclear-powered super car.

The Arrest isn't post-apocalypse. It isn't a dystopia. It isn't a utopia. It's just what happens when much of what we take for granted--cars, guns, computers, and airplanes, for starters--quits working. . . .

Before the Arrest, Sandy Duplessis had a reasonably good life as a screenwriter in L.A. An old college friend and writing partner, the charismatic and malicious Peter Todbaum, had become one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. That didn't hurt.

Now, post-Arrest, nothing is what it was. Sandy, who calls himself Journeyman, has landed in rural Maine. There he assists the butcher and delivers the food grown by his sister, Maddy, at her organic farm. But then Todbaum shows up in an extraordinary vehicle: a retrofitted tunnel-digger powered by a nuclear reactor. Todbaum has spent the Arrest smashing his way across a fragmented and phantasmagorical United States, trailing enmities all the way. Plopping back into the siblings' life with his usual odious panache, his motives are entirely unclear. Can it be that Todbaum wants to produce one more extravaganza? Whatever he's up to, it may fall to Journeyman to stop him.

Written with unrepentant joy and shot through with just the right amount of contemporary dread, The Arrest is speculative fiction at its absolute finest.

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ISBN: 9781799944478
ISBN-10: 1799944476
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Language: English