Forbidden (Paperback)

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Deep beneath the roots of the rainforest, a cancer has festered in the darkness for generations...

Kiara has grown up in a cave where people have believed one imprisoning lie for generations: there is no such thing as the outside world. Though she herself has always felt like there must be more, when she stumbles upon a letter from her mother who she thought was lost forever and learns she's not only alive, but alive somewhere on the surface, trapped in a prison, deep in the heart of the jungle, all her suspicions are put to the ultimate test of their mettle.

Trapped in a world where every good thing, even sunlight, is forbidden, Kiara, the very princess of this cavernous prison, is determined to fight her way out of the darkness and prove against all odds that there is more to life than shadows, but escaping a city your own father rules over is no easy feat, especially when your not sure who you can trust.

On her search for light, she encounters both horrors and wonders, and creates an unlikely connection with an orphan boy with secrets to tell when she catches him mining gems despite the strict rules prohibiting such activities.

Up against her own fears, self-doubt, and darkness itself, she soon finds out some of the hardest fights never leave the battlefield of one's own heart.

Can she bring herself to trust or even hope long enough to fight her way out of the darkness? Or will her own chains around her soul keep her locked down?

Launched into the adventure of her life, she set out to find her mom, but first she has to find herself.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737902904
ISBN-10: 1737902907
Publisher: Elizabeth Lefebvre
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2021
Pages: 428
Language: English