Which Color Am I? (Paperback)

Which Color Am I? Cover Image
By Daniel Liberatore, Joshua H. Liberatore (Editor), Robin Lee (Illustrator)
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"Which Color Am I?" tells a compassionate story that introduces those reading and listening to the concepts of fitting in and looking beyond labels. This picture book makes multi-cultural awareness accessible to children of all ages. Plot Description: an easily understood metaphor begins with a black and white soccer ball that main characters Bobby and a dog Norman start to play with. Bobby and Norman meet up with new friends and the conversation "Which Color Am I?" arises. Eventually the ball bounces to a wise Turtle who is adding colorful paint to a wall nearby. The Turtle goes into an enchanting monologue that teaches the characters involved how wonderful, special, and unique they all are. The metaphor reaches a tipping point as vibrant illustrations show the ball knocking over the Turtle's paint cans, spilling paint all over the ball, the children, the sidewalk, and the dog too. The story is written with rhythmic and musical qualities that nudge the reader into animated annunciation that makes the story charming, colorful, and alive.

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ISBN: 9780982498514
ISBN-10: 0982498519
Publisher: Brevity Holdings LLC
Publication Date: June 26th, 2010
Pages: 46
Language: English