Moorewood Family Rules: A Novel (Hardcover)

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The Moorewood family is full of con artists so it is no surprise when someone gets caught. Jillian takes the fall and spends three years in prison while protecting the rest of her family. During this time, she plots her revenge. When she surprises her family upon her release, she realizes that they have not changed their habits, despite promises to Jillian that they would. When she threatens to strip everyone of what they have always known, she is quick to gain enemies. In order to stop her family before they can do anything to her, Jillian hires a bodyguard, Beck. Will she be successful in the end?

— Ayah


Knives Out and Ocean’s 8 meets The Nest in this hilariously twisty novel by award-winning author HelenKay Dimon, about a woman who returns home from prison to her dysfunctional con artist family and tries to get them to go legit.

One day a con man met an heiress, wooed her, married her, had two kids…and kept on conning. Jillian Moorewood is the oldest child from that meet-cute-gone-wrong marriage. The stable one. The sensible and dependable one. The one who protects and fixes. The one who went to prison to save their sorry butts. Now, thirty-nine months later, she’s out and she’s more than a little pissed.

Finally home she finds the scheming clan in full family fleecing mode. They all claim they didn’t really agree to Jillian’s previous go-legit-or-else ultimatum before she went away. They viewed it as a “suggestion” then ignored it. So, business as usual. But Jillian is done with the lies and fakery. She demands the whole messed-up crew clean up its act, and this time she’s not kidding—she has the leverage to make it happen.

Problem is, her life is in shambles, but with the help of a great aunt (crooked but loveable), a bodyguard (who is a nice surprise after three years in prison), and a few allies (all working undercover), Jillian starts to put her life back together. She kicks out a few mooching relatives living under her roof, sets limits on everyone’s access to the money, ducks from their various attacks, and sees if that bodyguard is maybe interested in sticking around for a while. For the first time, she’s Jillian Moorewood, her own woman, and she’s ready to figure out who she is. 

About the Author

Helenkay Dimon spent the years before becoming a romance author as a . . . divorce attorney. Not the usual transition, she knows. Good news is she now writes full time and is much happier. She has sold over thirty novels, novellas, and shorts to numerous publishers. Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues, and her books have twice been named "Red-Hot Reads" and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. But if you ask her, she'll tell you the best part of the job is never having to wear pantyhose again.

Praise For…

"This book is the perfect escape!" — Jill Shalvis, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Readers who enjoy dysfunctional family dynamics will find entertainment here...An ensemble comedy with a healthy dose of humorous back-stabbing." — Kirkus Reviews

“A great storyteller.” — USA Today

“Dimon excels at creating memorable, complex characters.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“So smart, sexy, and fast paced...I devour her stories.” — New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

“Dimon has become a go-to author for romantic suspense, with fresh plots, out-of-the-box characters, and romance to root for. Imaginative, emotional, action-packed, and artfully crafted.” — Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9780063297142
ISBN-10: 0063297140
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 384
Language: English