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Book Bites: Summer!

Well, folks, we're officially calling it: Summer is here in Houston. If the upper-80s temperatures haven't already tipped you off, just take a look at our bookshelves. We're sporting a great new mix of beach reads, rom-coms, family sagas, and great book club choices that are just begging to be added to your summer reading list. Stop in for a stack, stick an umbrella in your drink, and settle in somewhere comfy — it's the perfect time of year to breeze through a book.

Book Bites: Shelve Twelve

How's your summer reading list shaping up? Because ours is looking absolutely great (if perhaps a little ambitious, in terms of its length), thanks to another wave of incredible new releases now gracing our shelves. Do you want to start with a steamy rom-com as the weather heats up? A graphic novels that pack a punch? Mystery? Thriller? Historical fiction? Memoir? You'll find all that and then some among our most recent batch of staff picks. Decisions can be tough, so here's our best advice: Squeeze all twelve onto your shelf and work your way through them in the months ahead. You won't be disappointed.

Book Bites: A Perfect Ten

How are you for shelf space? Because you may want to consider clearing some room — we're entering a busy time in publishing, with lots of new favorites coming into the store every week. Here, we've selected ten of the very best new books, from kid lit by beloved creators like Kelly Yang and the Pumphrey brothers to a novel that might just end up being our favorite of the year. There's also nonfiction, a thriller, romance... even a sweet picture book that's perfect for your family's next multi-generational story time. Come on in and we'll load you up — if you think your bookshelves can take it.

Book Bites: Buffet

Just two months into the year, we can't believe how many great books we've already shared with you. There are lots more on the way, too, starting with this batch of new releases that definitely deserve a spot on your shelf. We've got all ages and pretty much all interests covered below. The only question is, which one will you read first?

Book Bites: Dazzling Debuts and Remarkable Returns!

New books are here! This year in publishing is starting off with a bang — we can tell that a few of the titles we've already shared with you on the blog will find their way onto our year-end "best books" list. As a matter of fact, we may have a few new contenders in our latest grouping of staff picks below, from heartfelt middle grade to riveting nonfiction. And have you heard? Blue Willow Mystery Day is coming up on February 11, so you'd better believe we have some thrills and intrigue on offer, too. Dig in!

The Curious Case of Blue Willow Mystery Day

Calling all armchair sleuths and thrill-seekers! We’re celebrating Blue Willow’s first-ever Mystery Day on Saturday, February 11. It’ll be just like any other day at the shop — opinionated service and possible hand-flailing — but we’ll be focusing especially on some of our favorite mystery novels for readers of all ages and inclinations. So stop by, check our special displays, and ask the staff for their favorite thriller or whodunnit — you’ll never see the twist coming! Here, Valerie shares a note on her lifelong love of the genre, followed by a handful of staff favorites you can look for on the 11th. The game is afoot — read on!

Book Bites: Ready, Set, Read!

Did you set any reading goals for the year? To try out a different genre, maybe, or to read a certain number of books? You're in luck — we've got a new wave of rom-coms, thrillers, page-turners, and more that will help you start the year off right. The publishing world is off to a hot start in 2023, and we'd love to steer you towards your ideal read. Scroll through the list below to see our latest and greatest staff picks — or give us a call for a personalized pick. Either way, read on!

Book Bites: Very Good Books

It may be a new year, but here at the shop we're up to all of our same old tricks. Namely, we're reading tons of great books and probably causing lots of future problems for your available shelf space. Here, we've compiled a great collection of early-January releases that we think will fit right in to your existing TBR pile. We've got a lovely picture book, thoughtful middle grade, and a quintet of novels in different genres. What are you in the mood for? Read on to find the perfect fit!

Book Bites: Our 2023 Preview

You know the old saying: New year, new precariously high TBR pile. We can help with that! New books bring new laughs, tears, comforts, twists, and aha moments — there's nothing better. Check out our round-up of some soon-to-be-released favorites we know will earn a treasured spot on your shelf. Whether you’re in the mood for a loving picture book, a coming-of-age story, a thriller, historical fiction, or more, you’ll find something to suit you in our list below. Happy reading!

Book Bites: Hug a Book Today

It's the time of the year for family gatherings, cherished friends, and cozy afternoons snuggled up with a good book. Our shelves are brimming with great new reads, and we know that one of them is the perfect fit for you, no matter your literary taste. Cozy read-aloud? Historical fiction? Coming of age, clever mystery, or tear-jerker? We've got 'em all, with a fun holiday rom-com thrown in, to boot. Discover you next favorite below — read on!