True Crime, a Lobster, and an Epic Crush: Meet Our Mid-August Recommendations

The secret's out: Our staff loves to read, and we always count down the days 'til we can recommend our favorite books. Starting this month, we're publishing recent staff reviews on our blog. Somebody has to fill the void left by Michiko Kakutani, right? Consider it a fortnightly roundup of some of the best new books around. 

The Best Books For Your Book Club, According To Our Reps From Penguin And Random House

On Tuesday, July 25th, our reps Liz Sullivan (Random House) and Brian Contine (Penguin) came to the shop to present some of their favorite current and upcoming reads (and pass out cat-hair-covered giveaways). 

With over 60 attendees, we had an unbelievable turnout. At staff meeting the next morning, we pondered the “why”… Was it Liz’s snarky comedy that attracted the crowds? Or Brian’s dad charm? Perhaps the promise of witty banter and books? Whatever it was, it was infectious, and we hope everyone had the best time.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry — we compiled blurbs (equal parts funny and informative) on the books (25+!) that Liz and Brian presented.