We're About to be Very, Very, Impossibly-Very Busy: Notes from Valerie's Messy Desk

How wonderful to wake up this morning to cool, dry air! The constitutional walk was so much more pleasant without the humidity and aided by the compelling audio novel Little Fires Everywhere. Now it's time for my coffee and a letter to you. 

Are you a morning person like me? The quiet hours with the birds waking and the sun rising.... It's my time to read the Chronicle and the Times. I can laugh/cry at the article about what lengths Amazon is going to woo Washington. I can travel from my chair to a little known town in Canada with 20 residents and 2 bars. I can smile at the picture of three generations enjoying the Bayou City Art Festival. Now we can start this week.

And what a week it will be! On Saturday, Leland Melvin, astronaut and former NFL star, will keynote our annual Tweens Read festival. This festival has grown from a crazy idea introduced to me at our second TeenBookCon to a rollicking day where kids and authors join together in their love of books.

The fun doesn't stop there. Bluebonnet nominee Cassie Beasley (Circus Mirandus) visits the shop next Tuesday with her latest, Tumble & Blue. Wiley Cash, a dear friend of the shop, follows next Wednesday. Read his Q&A on our blog to learn why The Last Ballad is his most ambitious work yet. Next Saturday, don't miss Melanie Shankle of the Big Mama Blog. Stick around 'til 4 for a special launch party commemorating the promising debut of Houston author Liara Tamani.

That takes us right up to the end of the month. Traditionally on Halloween, our block gathers to pass out candy and water while we catch up on the news of the neighborhood. I'm not sure what this year will bring with so many of our neighbors still displaced in temporary quarters. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing those sweet little ones dressed as Elsa and Spiderman!

Speaking of little ones, I invite those of you who have taken advantage of storytime at the Kendall Neighborhood Library to join us for our Thursday morning storytimes until the library is back to business. We appreciate their outreach and hope to help fill their shoes for a little while.

I'm rereading The News Of The World for two of our book clubs in support of Gulf Coast Reads. It's as wonderful now as it was when I first read it two years ago. I recently finished the forthcoming The Immortalists, which started slowly, built to a fire, and wrapped up with the warmth of human kindness. You will have to wait until January for this one. 

While visiting with my bookselling colleagues in Denver this weekend, I picked up so many intriguing books which I look forward to sharing with you in days to come. The staff and I have lots of recommendations—just ask!

What are you reading?