Obert Skye on Making Normal Funny

There's always a little magic in books by Obert Skye. Whether he's revealing the mysteries of the world of Foo or introducing us to another marvelous mashup in his hilarious Creature in a Closet series, we can count on Skye to reveal the power of imagination.

Skye's latest middle grade book, Geeked Out, starts a new post-apocalyptic spoof series that touches on tough topics like bullying while maintaining Skye's trademark cheek and humor. The book's out February 6, and Mr. Skye himself will visit the store on Saturday, February 10 to celebrate its release. Go ahead and pre-order your copy now—then read our Q&A with the author below!

Geeked Out follows the tale of a few intrepid middle schoolers who’ve had enough of being bullied. What inspired the storyline?

I'm not a fan of bullies. I've had a few in my lifetime and they've often made things more painful and awkward than necessary. I remember once being chased down on my bike and knocked over. While I was on the ground the bully giving me grief actually tripped and hit his face on the curb nearby. He was bleeding and went home crying. It was as if the universe was taking care of business. 

Let’s say your middle school was a dystopian wasteland. Do you think you’d have had the idea to start LAME? What were you like in middle school?

I would have tried to start LAME for sure. I used to wish I had any kind of power. If I had been able to do anything I would have quickly tried to team up with others. Unfortunately, my middle school was more boring than epic. We would have really benefited by a bit more LAMEness. 

What’s the best part of writing for middle grade readers?

The best part is that their sense of humor is usually outstanding. They're also not afraid to believe the impossible. 

Your work often has a humorous or kooky slant. What draws you to writing imaginative, humorous work?

I don't like boring things. I spend my whole life searching for funny. So, when I write humor is always on my mind. I like to take the normal things around me and make them more interesting by making them funnier. 

If you could live in one of your fantasy worlds, which would you choose?

Hard to pick. I'd love to attend Witherwood, or live in Foo, but I'd also like to have Rob's closet in the Creature From My Closet series. Life would be constantly interesting. 

What are you reading right now?

Holes. Again. And probably again. 

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