New in YA: October Picks from Our Teen Advisory Board

Our amazing (and busy) Teen Advisory Board reads and reviews a lot of books every month. This works out well for us, because they have truly great taste—from thrillers to rom-coms and everything in between, this group of voracious readers is helping to make our YA section one of the most exciting places in the shop. Here, take a look at some of the October releases they're most excited to share with you. One of the books, Foreshadow, has even been selected by the board as the second book in our YA First Editions Club subscription program. Subscribers reecive a new book every month, with a bookplate signed by the author, exclusive bookmark, invitation to a Zoom hangout with the author(s), and a note explaining why the Teen Advisory Board loved the book. Did we mention that subscriptions make a great birthday or holiday gift? wink Happy reading! 

One Way or Another by Kara McDowell

Paige Collins struggles with decisions due to her anxiety. When she is given the choice to travel to NYC or to her best friend and longtime crush Fritz’s cabin for Christmas, Paige is thrown into two paths of fate. As she explores each path, she learns a lot about who she is and who she loves, and finds a way to get past her anxiety and accept who she is. One Way or Another is a heartwarming coming-of-age love story that will give you a new look at the world and people around you. I loved this book and following each of the paths of fate. Recommended.
—Olivia H.

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Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf by Hayley Krischer

When Ali Greenleaf is raped at a high school party, she can’t believe it. She can’t believe that one minute she was being asked upstairs by her long time crush, Sean Nessel, the soccer star; and then he was pushing her down, silencing her while she tries to scream. Blythe Jenson has been best friends with Sean her entire life, and she has always made excuses for him. When Sean, crying, begs Blythe to help him convince Ali not to say anything, she agrees. Gradually, Blythe realizes something about Sean she never wanted to admit: That he would say or do anything to get what he wants. As the book progresses, Ali gains the confidence to speak her truth, even when people will hate her for it. This story is every high school girl’s worst nightmare It’s a good read for someone willing to wrestle with the weight of heavy subjects, and may help many readers realize something they have always known: That Ali Greenleaf is not the only one.
—Grace H.

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Beyond The Ruby Veil by Mara Fitzgerald

Emanuela Rango always gets what she wants. In her city of Occhia, the only way to get water is the watercrea. When the citizens see a bruise-like omen on their skin, they are supposed to turn themselves in for the greater good of the community so the watercrea can transform their blood to water before the omens multiply and they die anyway. Everyone in the history of their town has done it except Emanuela. She has hidden her omen since she was seven without it multiplying. When the watercrea exposes her on her wedding day, she fights back and kills her. Emanuela goes on the run to protect her people, at any cost.

I found that this thrilling, fast-paced novel opened my eyes and made me thankful for everything I usually take for granted, especially in these trying times. As a first-world country, we often forget that for others, water is not a given. The lengths to which Emanuela was willing to go to help her people and her courage inspired me to think positively and be grateful for even for the mundane in life. I especially loved the plot and the imagery in the book. I could see myself go through the struggles, emotional or otherwise, with the characters. I recommend this book to all teens looking to immerse themselves in another world because after the first five pages, I was hooked.
—Anna S.

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Foreshadow by Nova Ren Suma and Emily X.R. Pan

Foreshadow, edited by Emily X. R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma, is an exciting project that features a collection of short stories by thirteen up-and-coming Young Adult authors. The stories cover a wide variety of genres, ranging from contemporary to magical realism, sci-fi, and fantasy, and are each told with a distinct style and voice. After each story is a short piece explaining a different element of storytelling and how that is reflected in a specific story.

I absolutely loved the heart and vision behind this anthology, and I appreciate the creators' desire to amplify all of these talented and diverse authors. I got to read several perspectives that were new to me and definitely provided food for thought. There is such a wide variety of stories that I imagine each one will resonate with different readers in a unique way. Foreshadow is definitely worth checking out, especially for short story enthusiasts and aspiring young writers.
—Charis W.

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You Were Never Here by Kathleen Peacock

Cat has been betrayed by every friend she has ever made. The latest causes such a large social media bullying campaign by her school mates, her dad decides to send her to her old hometown of Montgomery Falls, Canada. When she discovers her childhood best friend Riley is missing, Cat uses her psychic abilities to help his brother find out what happened. She discovers that betrayal may not always be what it seems, and she learns the benefits of opening up to people. I really loved this book! It was a thrilling, plot-driven book you won’t want to put down. It’s perfect for readers who love mysteries, romance, and superhuman abilities.
—Anna S.

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