Keepers by the Dozen

Are your bookshelves looking a little sparse lately? Ours sure aren't. We've been receiving box after box of brand new releases that we can't wait to send home with you. This week, we've got a classic Blue Willow roundup of fresh new reads for all ages — from charming new picture books all the way into page-turning adult fiction. No matter what kind of reader you are, you'll find a new goodie or two below. Dig in!

Ages 3-7

The Last Stand by Antwan Eady; illustrated by Jarrett & Jerome Pumphrey

A young boy works alongside his grandfather each week as they harvest their crops and bring them to the farmer's market. Each customer has a story and the community members support each other through a variety of ways. As time passes, the grandfather can no longer participate like he used to, so the grandson figures out a way to keep their farmstand going. A wonderful collaboration between shop favorites! 

Read because this collaboration among some of our very favorite picture book creators is absolutely perfect.
Pass isn't really an option for this one.
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The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn by Shawn Harris

Once upon a time, there was a teeny-weeny unicorn. He was so teeny-weeny that he never got to do the fun things his siblings did. One day, he meets a gnome smaller than he is, and she shows him that he can fit into his family's world regardless of his size. An utter delight!

Read because this is funny, sweet, and made for a read-aloud.
Pass if you're saving this for the next time you have an audience of toddlers.
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Ages 10 & up

Across So Many Seas by Ruth Behar

Four different stories, told throughout 500 years of the Jewish diaspora. Each main character — all young girls — is forced into a difficult situation, including leaving Spain for Turkey, leaving Turkey for Cuba, and leaving Cuba for the US. Each girl learns the difficulty of their culture and tries to make the best of their situation.

Read because this is a moving reminder of how we are connected to our past — and how the future will be connected to us.
Pass if you just ran out of tissues — you might want to grab a new pack first.
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Ages 14-18

If Only I Had Told Her by Laura Nowlin

A rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish as readers get a better look into the tragic relationship between Finny and Autumn from the author’s previous novel (and viral TikTok sensation), If He Had Been With Me. For those who have not read their original story, you can jump right into this one or go in order of release! 

Read if you're a fan of Jenny Han or Dear Evan Hansen.
Pass if you love avoiding emotions.
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These Deadly Prophecies by Andrea Tang

Tabatha Zeng, apprentice to the infamous Sorcerer Solomon, becomes a prime suspect in her mentor's murder. Her only real shot of uncovering the truth is to stick to Calum Solomon's side. This sets the stage for a whodunit blended with fantasy elements. Recommended to readers of both genres, or those looking to expand in either. It is fast-paced and will keep you guessing!

Read if you'd love a Nancy Drew-meets-magic mystery.
Pass if you don't like being bamboozled — you won't see some of these twists coming!
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Adult Fiction

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

Cheerful ghostwriter Mabel signs on to work with famously grumpy footballer Alfie Harding on his memoirs. It gets off to a hilariously bumpy start and then leads to fake dating. Turns out there's more to both Mabel and Alfie than the other expects. A thoroughly delightful, spicy read.

Read if you love a fun, opposites-attract romance and are missing Ted Lasso.
Pass if you're the Grumpy in this scenario. (But we know you have a gooey-sweet heart.)
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Prima Facie by Suzie Miller

This powerful debut novel from Suzie Miller is a novelization of her award-winning one-woman play of the same name. Tessa Ensler does not have a posh background like her barrister peers in London, but she has worked hard and has begun to earn a reputation as a successful and on-the-rise criminal defense attorney. She begins to see more and more sexual assault cases — juries are more sympathetic to a female barrister questioning the victim. She also begins to catch the eye of a fellow barrister, Julian, and their flirtation turns physical. A date turns into a night spent in her flat, a lot of alcohol is drunk, and they have consensual sex more than once. But then Tessa is sick, she vomits in her bathroom, Julian carries her back to bed, and he rapes her. The second half of the book explores Tessa as the victim on the stand — no longer the successful criminal defense attorney picking apart a victim's statement, but the victim herself trying to hold it together under questioning. A stark and powerful look at both sides of the coin — the ease with which men (particularly men with money) walk away from sexual crimes, the lengths women must go to be heard, and a legal system not built to serve victims of assault.

Read if you're ready for a powerful read.
Pass you need to put yourself in the right state of mind before tackling this complex and weighty novel.
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Redwood Court by DéLana R. A. Dameron

Multiple generations of Black families, many living on the same cul-de-sac in Charleston, SC, tell us their stories — their loves, their despair, their deep connections to one another. Men go to war and they come back. Women work two jobs and save their pennies. Teeta and Weezie are the heads of the families. As we move into the last part of the 20th century, their granddaughter Mika narrates the changes.

Read if you're in the mood for stunning and nuanced writing.
Pass if you're automatically suspicious that any debut can be this good. (It is.)
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Bride by Ali Hazelwood

You won't want to miss out on the fun that is Hazelwood's latest work. Misery Lark, the daughter of a vampire councilman, is constantly used as collateral by the council, so it doesn't shock her that she is wanted for a peacekeeping marriage of convenience with a vampire’s worst enemy: a werewolf. Her initial hesitation vanishes as she realizes it is her only way to look into the only person she's ever cared about. A must-read paranormal romance full of tension, spice, and swoony moments!!!

Read if you're ready to re-enter your vampires-and-werewolves era. Or if you never left.
Pass if you've just stepped into the Ali Hazelwood world and want to explore her other swoon-worthy titles first.
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Nightwatching by Tracy Sierra

Someone is messing with this woman's head. Alone in the house with her two young children during a blizzard, she hears an intruder. After grabbing up the kids and locking themselves away in a hidden room (really a crawlspace), she hears him talking and realizes she knows who it is. She is able to escape, but then no one believes her. Told in the present day and through flashback — riveting and intense!

Read if you're looking for a story that'll make you sweat a little.
Pass if you're waiting to read this during the summer to avoid the dark as much as possible.
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The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers

One night, Violet Everly’s mother, Marianne, opens a doorway to another world out of thin air and vanishes on a quest to break a curse put on the Everly bloodline. That was 16 years ago. Violet learns the circumstances of the curse and why her mother left and sets off with the help of Penelope’s assistant, Aleksander, to break the curse once and for all.

If you’ve got a craving for a good fantasy novel, here you go! This grabs you from the beginning and holds you till the last page. Great characters with a unique storyline. This is giving off A Wrinkle In Time vibes with a bit of Neil Gaiman flair. Recommended for teens and adults.

Read if you're looking to get lost in a spellbinding world.
Pass if you avoid books that are fabulous from start to finish.
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Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson

Along with a panel of five other writers, Ernest Cunningham has been invited to a crime writing festival held aboard the Ghan, a famous Australian train trip between Darwin and Adelaide. When one of the authors dies onboard, and foul play is suspected, who better to solve the crime than the remaining authors? Although when the suspects include the remaining authors themselves, who specialize in writing about how to commit a murder and get away with it, things get complicated.

Read if you love Agatha Christie or Knives Out.
Pass if you know you'll start to look at everyone around you with suspicion.
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