Bookstore Romance Day Returns on August 21!

Yes, it’s coming—one of my favorite book holidays of the year. Bookstore Romance Day returns on August 21! Here at the shop, the staff knows my fondness for all things romance—when I’m talking about a novel I really love, my voice will rise in both pitch and volume and my hands will start flapping. I’ve read romance novels since I was a teenager and my love for them has not diminished.

In some quarters, romance novels still get a bad rap, but people holding those opinions either haven’t found the right book or are simply misinformed. Romance novels are big business. In 2016, these novels made up 23% of the overall fiction market (Samantha Leach in Glamour, 2019). Additionally, talking about romance novels with a fellow fan (I’m looking at you Ally Carter) is an act of shared joy that will simply improve your day.

Why do I read romance? Because it makes me happy. Yes, I almost always know how it will end, but as Christina Tucker said on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast last month, “that is actually why I picked the book up—because it's a trope that I like and I know how it's going to end.” I know where I’m going in the book, so I can enjoy the journey. I can experience life from a different perspective, which builds empathy and understanding. What’s better than that?

I hope you’ll join me at the shop on August 21 and share some joy. (Yes, girlboss, I will try to keep my voice down and the hand flailing to a minimum.) Until then, you can check out a few of my recent (and forthcoming!) favorites for teens and adults by browsing the catalog linked in the image below. Happy reading, friends.