Book Bites: Bibliopinions and Girlboss

This week, we’re highlighting seven recent releases that drew raves from our very own dynamic duo…. Welcome to the Valerie and Cathy show! First up, Cathy shares her @bibliopinions on everything from picture books to a sweet novel starring your new favorite fictional bookseller. Stick around ‘til the end for two fantastic novels that Valerie’s excited to share with you all—you know our @BWBGirlboss would never lead you astray. Read on!

Ages 4-8

Truman by Jean Reidy; illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummings

Truman the Tortoise lives with his Sarah in an apartment above a busy street, and they watch the world go by all day. One day, his Sarah eats a big breakfast and puts on a large backpack and then leaves the house and boards a bus. Truman has no idea where she has gone and decides to be brave and discover that for himself. An utterly charming story about new experiences, perfect for those heading to school for the first time.

READ this one before fall if you’ve got a kiddo heading to school for the first time—it’s lovely.
PASS if the school you’re sending your child to is Crunchem Hall Primary School—this won’t have much relevance. (Maybe rethink that decision, though.)
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Small World by Ishta Mercurio; illustrated by Jen Corace

When Nanda was born, her world was the circle of her mother’s arms. And as she grew, her world grew too. This lovely picture book traces Nanda’s childhood and follows her into adulthood, where she becomes an astronaut. With Mercurio’s words and Corace’s illustrations, this is a celebration of a child’s journey into limitless opportunity. Perfect for classrooms and home libraries as well!

READ because this sweet book is evocative, lyrical, empowering… frankly, it’s a modern classic.
PASS if you only like modern duds.
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Ages 13 & Up

Stealing Home by Becky Wallace

Ryan's dream is to take over her family's minor league baseball team and become one of the only female general managers in baseball. Then she learns about the team's tight finances and decides to partner with rookie Sawyer Campbell to try to save her family's team. Will Sawyer's help be what saves the team or is he only a distraction? A charming read for grades 7 and up.

READ because, in the words of Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”
PASS if you’re not romantic about baseball... or romance.
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Past Perfect Life by Elizabeth Eulberg

After Ally fills out her college applications, her guidance counselor lets her know that none of them went through because she submitted a false social security number. It turns out that her father took her from her mother when she was a toddler and has been on the run ever since. Elizabeth Eulberg takes a story ripped from the headlines and creates a nuanced look at a traumatic, emotional event in a teen's life that is hard to put down! For grades 8 and up.

READ if you’ve been looking for something new to love after reading Far From the Tree.
PASS if you prefer boring books that are easy to put down.
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Meet the author when she visits us on the 13th! Yep, same event as Becky Wallace. And Brigid Kemmerer will be there, too!

Adult Fiction

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Nina Hill enjoys her simple life of working in a bookshop, spending evenings reading or with her trivia team. One day, a lawyer visits her, informing her that the father she never knew has died and left her with a large extended family. This new family that demands her attention threatens to throw Nina's carefully organized life into chaos, and it's up to her to determine what will truly make her happy. Lovely asides about the joy of books and reading make this a great read for any book lover!

READ if you’re a fan of AJ Fikry or anything by Kristan Higgins.
PASS… if you hate to read? 
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Read a Q&A with the author on our blog.
Meet the author when she visits the shop on July 11th!

The Need by Helen Phillips

Where to begin to describe this masterful fever dream of a novel! Molly is a plant fossil archaeologist at a local dig site and the mother of two very small, very needy young children. She is in serious need of sleep. Her work is troubling. A bible found buried near the site of an abandoned gas station has been rewritten with a feminist slant. When her husband goes out of town, Molly confronts a masked intruder in her home. But throughout all, she is so weary that she doubts her own experiences.Then things get really weird. It's so hard to describe… just read it for yourself.

READ because it’s not every day that Valerie describes a book as a “masterful fever dream.”
PASS if, you know, you don’t like Emily St. John Mandel, Rebecca Makkai, Laura Van Den Berg, or basically any of our other contemporary favorites.
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The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Four women lawyers may or may not be guilty of pushing their boss Ames Garrett over the balcony of their office building. Each one most certainly has cause. He is a womanizing misogynist of the first order. Let's just say he deserved it. As the story unfolds with each woman trying to keep her job and feeling guilty about her personal life, we know that someone finally did the deed. You will say "yes!!!!" as you read about the treatment each one gets as a hard working, hard driving businesswoman. It's a shout out to all of us who have ever been belittled and told to stay in our lane.

READ because this is a great thriller / rallying cry that’s picked up raves from Reese Witherspoon, Oprah, and pretty much every publication that writes about books.
PASS if you always felt bad for the boss in 9 to 5. (We can't be friends anymore.)
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