Introduction to Be Novel events

NOTE: A PDF of these instructions is available to download at the bottom of the page.

We are now using the BeNovel virtual platform. We’ve chosen this because it provides an intuitive experience for all involved. You will still be able to chat and ask questions!

This virtual event space requires attendee registration and provides an atmosphere that makes everyone feel safe and welcome. In the event that an attendee violates Blue Willow’s event code of conduct, they will be removed.

To register for an event, you will follow the link on the Blue Willow website. You will see this:

Each attendee that signs up will also receive an email invitation from BeNovel that looks like this:

After signing up you can add the event directly to your calendar using this button:

You can also share the event with friends via the social button:

When it’s time to join the event, you will click the link in that email and be taken to the BeNovel waiting area. Here’s what you will see:

Here’s how you would turn your audio off and on:

You may also see this message over your video:

When the event begins, you will see a short slide and video with tech video and test sound to help you check your audio in order to fully enjoy the experience.

During the event, you can chat with attendees, share reactions and ask questions. NOTE: You must create an account with Novel if you want to participate in that way. If you try to post something in the chat without an account you will get this message:

Chat and Q&A are under tabs at the right hand side of the screen (on a laptop/desktop) and look like this:

You can upvote questions using this button:

And add reaction emojis using these icons:

At the end of the event, a closing slide will appear.

Many of our events are free to attend, and the best way to support our event programming is to purchase one (or more!) of the author’s books. We appreciate your support, whether you’re in the greater Houston area or somewhere around the world and are so grateful that virtual event programming allows us to continue to connect readers with authors.