Blue Willow Bookshop believes in and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that everyone deserves to see themselves represented in books, and that representation in books matters.

On this page, we share resources to oppose the banning of books in school libraries in Texas, as well as antiracist resources.


Texans for the Right to Read

This coalition was organized by the Texas Library Association, and it "opposes the current movement to ban books from Texas libraries based on content subjectively deemed inappropriate. Its purpose is to educate the public and oppose any current or future legislation, regulations, or executive orders that infringe upon First Amendment rights and intellectual freedom."

You can learn more, access resources, and take action with Texans for the Right to Read here!



Black Lives Matter.

Blue Willow Bookshop is committed to being antiracist, actively learning and listening, and centering Black authors and their stories in our reading, recommendations, and programming.

Antiracist Audiobook Recommendations

Here is an "Antiracist Audiobook Picks" playlist we’ve made with antiracist books for kids and adults. If you have recommendations, please let us know. 

Centering Black Creators: A List of Q&As

Each month, we interview authors and illustrators on our blog. We have always had an internal commitment to center diverse creators in our programming and school visits, on our blog, and in our reading recommendations. As we continue with that, we also make a public commitment to highlight Black people, people of color, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and others who are members of marginalized religious or cultural groups in at least half of our author Q&As. You can browse all of our conversations with authors right here.

You can find a list of interviews with Black creators here.

Upcoming Events with Black Creators

Please check out our events calendar to view upcoming virtual or in-person events!

How to speak to kids about race relations in America

Watch this segment on the Today Show with ⁦Hoda and Jenna: Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, authors of All American Boys, discuss how to speak to kids about race relations in America and why it’s important to continue these conversations.