Early Reader Bundles for New Readers

Looking to nurture an emerging reader in your life? There is a huge gap between starting to recognize words and diving into chapter books, but where do you start? We can help take out some of the guesswork. We are parents, teachers, and lovers of books, and we remember well the joy and frustration of this stage.

Welcome to our Early Reader Bundles! Grouped into three categories, Emerging Reader, Beginning Independent, and Independent, each bundle contains a mix of current and classic books that are high-interest, fun, and specifically chosen to help nurture skills and a love of reading. 

Many of the individual books in the bundles are part of a series, which gives you and your reader the next book to choose if characters catch their interest. Early reader series typically increase in complexity and skill as they go along, giving your reader space to grow with characters they already know and love.

These books are chosen for minimal text and simple vocabulary—mostly sight words (words that are instantly recognizable and don’t need decoding). More challenging words can be learned from context clues and repetition.

At this phase, books should be read alongside a patient reader who can help sound out words, give encouragement, and take turns reading to ease pressure.

Vocabulary skills are growing beyond sight words, aided with context clues and a more experienced helper reading alongside. Also in this bundle, there are books that introduce text in speech bubbles, helping your reader learn how to read the popular graphic novel and comic book style, which can be tricky when there are multiple speakers.

Readers at this level will still need a more experienced reader sitting and reading alongside them to build confidence and help as needed.

Your reader is now ready to read on their own, though help and encouragement are always welcome. This bundle prepares them for longer chapter books, with lots of illustrations to accompany text increasing in length and vocabulary skill. The pages take more time to read, and the sense of accomplishment grows. In this bundle, the chapters are part of a whole, rather than individual stories. There is also a full-length graphic novel with simple vocabulary and minimal text, which has wide appeal across readers of all levels.