Book Bites: Buy the Dozen

Books are a bit like donuts, don't you think? Sure, you could stop in for one or two. But it's way more fun to just go for a dozen and share them with friends. (Or just keep them all for yourself! No judgments here.) So this week, we're bringing you a longer-than-usual roundup of a twelve of our favorite new releases, featuring titles for readers of all ages and interests. Only one thing to do: Dig in!

Book Bites: A Perfect Ten

How are you for shelf space? Because you may want to consider clearing some room — we're entering a busy time in publishing, with lots of new favorites coming into the store every week. Here, we've selected ten of the very best new books, from kid lit by beloved creators like Kelly Yang and the Pumphrey brothers to a novel that might just end up being our favorite of the year. There's also nonfiction, a thriller, romance... even a sweet picture book that's perfect for your family's next multi-generational story time. Come on in and we'll load you up — if you think your bookshelves can take it.