Travel-Ready Picks For Every Kind of Summer Reader

What says “summer reading” to you? It could be the soon-to-be-sandy paperback at the bottom of your beach bag. Maybe it’s a stack of travel books to help you plan your next getaway. Or perhaps something fizzy that pairs well with a glass of prosecco?

We’ve put the question to our booksellers—a crack team, if we say so ourselves—and they came up with a delightfully varied list of titles that runs the gamut from informational to lighthearted to… Erik Larson, for goodness’ sake! So if you’re looking for something to read in an armchair, or in an airplane, or on a beach, or before an adventure this summer, look no further. You’re sure to find something that sounds like “summer” below.

Sweet Sixteen

It's a good thing our bookstore is expanding, y'all. We had so many boxes of new releases stacked in the back room last week that there was barely any room to stand, let alone wrap books or place orders. The good news is that those boxes were full of some absolute gems, which we're excited to share with you now. It doesn't matter what kind of reader you are. This week, we've got something for everyone—sixteen titles in all! Picture books. Middle grade. YA. Rom-coms. Genre fiction. Literary heavyweights. Better get reading!